Carpe Diem - and seize your camera too!

Hello Photog Parents!

Can you believe we are already in February? Time really moves too fast - which is of course what got me into photography to begin with. I am always trying to capture all those moments in my kiddos lives' before they get away from me.

This year I am participating in the 365. A project in which I am challenged to shoot daily. You will here plenty about it. I highly recommend it for photographers and hobbyists. More to the point - I highly recommend this to moms in general. You do not have to be trying to create art to take a quick pic of your kiddo each day. Just be that paparazzi mom and use your cell phone!

Seriously, what are you waiting for! My girls are now 13 and 11. I feel like they were 2 and 4 yesterday.

My 365 Insights for you!

1. Always have a camera or phone on you. It is amazing how moments happen that are unexpected. Or, really, it is typical with kids. Assume always, something will happen. ;-)

My oldest and I were bored while waiting for a friend at the local movie theater. So... we got some photos for no reason. Now this is one of my favorites and will always remember this day and being silly together. Not sure how many days are left where we can run around outside a movie theater being silly before she gets too mature. ;-)

2. Leave inhibitions at the door. It is easy to feel watched by other parents and, let's face it, judged. I had to stop caring what other moms might think of me. If I want to race after my son at pick up, drop to the snowy ground with camera pointed at his back, while he climbs the 1/2 fence, then let the other parents gawk! They might think I am crazy, but this is a moment I want to remember. Although, most other moms have confided in me that they like seeing my pics. Maybe they are not judging, maybe they just need an excuse to do the same thing.