December is here, so is snow

I got a lot of work related photography done earlier in the week. I still have some going into the weekend, but it is always fun to capture moments with my little one. Daddy is out of town till this evening and his son has missed him. I got to hear how daddy reads stories, how daddy plays mine craft (is that one word?) and how daddy gets him a doughnut in the morning before preschool. Now, it is easy for me to be like, "that is unhealthy." And it is not particularly healthy, but it is their tradition and I would not dream of disrupting it more than I have too.

I felt a bit bummed that this poor little guy was missing his dad so much. I offered to take him to the store and get a doughnut yesterday; however, he indignantly refused. He feels quite righteously upset by his father's business trips. Today though, he said after school, "mom you can get me a doughnut." I know for my little guy that this is a pretty big deal, to let mom fill in as dad for the doughnut trip. Not just a big deal for him, if we are being honest, but a big deal for me too.

So, this morning I grabbed a picture of him picking from the supermarkets large glass case of pastries. Getting a doughnut with mom. Of course, he gets to play mine craft tonight with dad... so all will return to normal pretty quickly around here.