Boy Energy

I have only one boy at home. I have learned, with only one, that the energy level from having daughters to having sons is much different. Not that my middle child doesn't go out of her way to prove that girls are in every way as capable of energy and rough housing as boys: just that my son has demonstrated some kids are born inherently ready to wrestle, tickle, hug, jump, scream and ride their bike straight into walls splitting their lip and needing stitches more than once a year. Sigh.

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family for fall photo sessions. This lovely lady has three boys! They all reminded me of my son, except her youngest had a love for the camera that most people don't. He was eager to get in front of my camera and smile at every opportunity, as well as, try out poses his older brothers were doing. It was an absolute joy capturing images of this family. I wish all families could lose their inhibitions in front of the camera this way these kiddos and their parents did.

Along with having lots of energy, this family has an abundance of love. There were some truly tender moments too!