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This autumn has been exhausting! I am blessed to have lots of work. I want to squeeze as many family portrait sessions into Colorado's last few warm weeks as I can, before the weather gets nippy. Like all working moms, I am also juggling the children commitments. Like all the working from home moms I juggle the constant need my family has for attention with the pull of my work. Right now, we have THE 5th grade play coming up - which means plenty of volunteering at the school. Of course there are their regular activities: violin, cello, voice, Destination Imagination, fencing, student council and speech. On a side not it seems kids these days are super overly committed - as are moms. I am constantly in the car or sitting in on lessons. All I had to do as a kid was play in the backyard. I liked hanging out on the swing my parents hung from a tree. I would jump off the retaining wall it hung next to and swing directly at the tree trunk and then push off the tree trunk with me legs. It was both unsafe and amazing. Of course, there was no Pokemon Go or social media calling me. Just nature and danger.

As a photographer I try to find time - on top of all the other things I do - to shoot daily. Shooting daily is very important to a lot of photographers. It keeps skills sharp, it makes us look for different ways to see daily events, we can practice skills we have not yet tried - there are a lot of reasons to do this. October has been a bit patchy for me. Shooting everyday is a lot harder when I have family sessions I need to edit and get out. Last Friday I decided to do self portraits of me at my work station. Although, right now my work station is the formal dining room transformed. I find if I work downstairs I can keep an eye on the chaos - aka my family.

Here are a couple from last week. I hope to at least post a daily image a week. Keep me honest on my daily shoot.

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