I am thrilled to share my work and life with you.  I live and breathe photography. I am obsessed. I always have my camera right next to me.  Born an artist, into a family of artists, art is a way of living, a way of seeing every magical moment and I do not want to miss a single one.


When I had my first kiddo I fell utterly and unbelievably in love with her. I fell hard.  It did not get easier with my next two kiddos.  I found out how deep and powerful love really is and how unrelenting time can be.  My passion for photography became a necessity to capture all the wonderful fleeting moments with my three babies.  As a mom, I want to be able to see every smile, all the dimples, baby toes, ice cream smeared faces and nose crinkles… everything.  I want to save all these moments forever.  I have always been told how fast kids grow up and it is so true!  My oldest is now 14 years old and I feel like she was only 14 months old yesterday.


Photography for families is not just a business, it is not just art.  Family Photography is a narrative, it is our stories, and our memories.  As moms and dads we fight to keep a little bit of our kids as they grow.  There is something so fundamentally important to taking beautiful story telling images and creating our unique family legacy to look back on.  I have dedicated my life to doing this for myself and others.  Telling family stories with art.


There are a lot of things you can know about me, I love my kids, I love art, I have two cats and two dogs, my husband and I still can look into each other’s eyes and get the tingles, I love the mountains and lakes, I was born on the west coast, but love wearing cowboy boots and living in the old west.  I can tell you I went to UC Berkeley and got a BA in Psychology, that I work as a teacher during the day and I am very passionate about education.  I am learning cello and I workout whenever I get the chance - which is not everyday!  ;-)  I can tell you there is nothing as wonderful as camping, backyard BBQs and good friends.  This is all part of me.


But I live family.  I live art.  Family and photography are in every fiber of my being.  I am a mother and photographer in the same way I am human.  Everything else comes secondary.


I would love to tell your story.



My Family's Narrative

A little love for me!

I appreciate all kind words.  I am happy to share them with you.  

Kim's work is excellent!  She accommodated short notice, budget constraints, and long distance communication in making arrangements.  Kim had great ideas for the perfect shots, close & beautiful locations.  She was able to capture both the pride of my daughter who is graduating, and the love she shares with her son.  Kim provided much relief for many tasks in planning for my daughter's graduation; perfect photos for announcements, helping to meet deadlines, and online availability to ease challenges in ordering.  Kim has helped to make this very special occasion even more memorable!  Many thanks.  Kim you're the best!

~Nancy K

Kim is a miracle worker!  My toddler never seems to smile for the camera. So I thought that I was asking Kim to accomplish the impossible (especially because we chose a cold, snowy day for our photoshoot).  Not only did she make the experience fun for all of us, but the results were amazing! She gave us a variety of shots from action to close ups.  I feel like she really captured toddlerhood and I am very excited not only to share these pictures with family members who live far away, but to have them for years to come!  Making an appointment with Kim was super easy.  Thanks Kim!

~Keara, E

My family had the pleasure of working with Kim over the holidays and we could not have been more impressed.  She put my children at ease right away.  They truly enjoyed the session and the results were amazing.  She was consistently able to capture their unique expressions.  Kim was also extremely professional to work with from the start to the finish.  We will definitely be contacting Kim again.

~Steph, B

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